Traveling South America

We started: Leon, Sara and I on a journey through South America. With a stopover via Sao Paolo in Brazil, it goes to Asuncion in Paraguay. From there we start our tour with a converted camper across the continent.

This is an old Toyota Hiace from 1996.

It’s still in good shape and is getting an update from us both inside and out for a trip off the beaten track and suitable for a small family. In addition to a new interior, a larger kitchen and additional batteries and tanks, it also received a roof rack, solar panels with the corresponding power distribution in the car, a snorkel and larger tires. The more precise specifications and manufacturer can be found here later.

South America Trip (2022)

Our journey from Asunción, with a first stop at Cerro Acahay, takes us across the expanse of Paraguayan land to the Yvycuí (or Ybycuí) area. The asphalt road ends at a barrier and a border booth full of police officers who look at us in amazement. The barrier that interrupts the
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For a change, we have fun on the doorstep and satisfy our urge to go on an expedition on the other side of the Rhine. That’s where France and Alsace lie, which tempt with cheese, wine and better weather today than in Germany. We only make a small excursion and choose the small town
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We still have a few days, but we have to slowly go back towards Havana. The further we are, the

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