🇮🇸 The old Geysir and the mighty Gullfoss

Diary Entry

Of course, every area with geothermal activity also has an impressive geyser. The forefather of all geysers is located in Iceland – according to the name, because all spitting water fountains from the underground are named after the Geyser.

Not only does the old giant slumber here, but also his less well-known, but all the more active brother Stokkur.

The Gullfoss is one of the largest of all waterfalls in Iceland. A separate category must be created on this island for the dimensions of waterfalls.

Gullfoss is also a popular scene in film and television. He recently made an appearance on the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, along with many other locations on the island. But the series Vikings and Lost in Space also recently used this place for their stories.

It winds brutally and we can stand completely diagonally against the wind.

Since the most famous Icelandic beer brand is named after the waterfall, we can of course not miss the opportunity to drink a good Gullfoss here.

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