The cave of the gods

🇧🇬 Bulgaria (2021)

Diary Entry 9

During my research on Bulgaria, pictures of the Prohadna Cave were one of the first impressions that made my jaw drop in admiration. It is very clear that we have to stop by here on the trip.

Even if the mosquitoes took away some of the romance of camping on the banks of the Danube, it was the best evening of the trip for me.

We pack up our things and set off. Even today we want to be the first at a highlight that can be seen in this country. Prohadna, the cave of the eyes of the gods. But before that we need breakfast, which we find in a small bar in a village on the way. We are surprised that a bar is open on Sunday mornings and the bar owner wonders about us and the purchase of two espresso and chocolate bars.

Unfortunately we are not the first in the divine cave, but luckily the vault is so huge that you get out of your way. Only at the predestined photo spots do you have to wait in line for the perfect portrait.

The height of the cave is up to 50 meters and in the middle of the ceiling there are two elliptical holes, which let the light from the surface shine through and suggest the analogy to the giant glowing eyes of a god who looks down on a small person.

We climb around the area around the cave and take a long and arduous detour to avoid having to return the same way. It is very hot. A young cat who is looking for friends accompanies us on the way. Maybe they sent the gods to us too.

There is also an Eco Trail nearby, of which I have also seen impressive pictures on the web beforehand. I can take these pictures too, but as is so often the case, the Instagram phenomenon applies: just because a photo suggests unlimited loneliness doesn’t mean that hundreds of other impatient influencers aren’t waiting in the background to share a photo as well.

We stop in a huge parking lot, most of which is already full, and suspect something bad. Is there still an amusement park here or do they all also want to take this wild, romantic, remote and unknown trail along the river? Yes, they want that.

In the meantime, this wildly romantic, remote and unknown trail has mutated into an amusement park itself. Whole families trudge along the shore until they come to barbecue areas and make their homes there. Canoe rides are already being offered on the river itself and a kiosk offers cold drinks and ice cream. All that’s missing is bungee jumping and a roller coaster, but I’m confident that this can also be expected soon.

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