Diary Entry 17

We heard from our friends about the city of Sozopol and accepted the invitation, because the city should be beautiful and has a metal bar on the beach. We had to see that. Since it was the weekend, it is not easy for us to find affordable accommodation, but it still works.

Only the accommodation is a bit strange. The owner apparently only speaks Portuguese, is not even at home herself, cannot write to me when she is there, the house is empty but open so that we can walk through it, then suddenly there are five spoiled, loud teenagers ravaging the terrace. and finally an old lady shows up and assigns us a room on the first floor.

There are nice, large windows facing the street that have no shutters, and the bathroom is a small hole in a room where you have to crouch down to shower on the toilet.

We got lost in the Roma district again after Google sent us off the main road down a dirt road that shortly afterwards turned into a four-wheel drive track.

We don’t want to make any claims and at least it’s a roof over your head. It is also not too far to the city center and the sea.

The city is very touristy, but also very beautiful. There are restaurants to try and souvenirs to discover.

We relax and indulge in some luxury vacation.

The metal bar is not difficult to find. The “Ginny” has the best position on the beach. The bar isn’t particularly busy and seems to be run by real rock lovers who don’t care about sales.

Our friends from Burgas also come by especially for us.

With some beers, Jรคgermeister and rakyas we enjoy the crashing waves on the beach to the sounds of Metallica, Nightwish and Godsmark.

There are some islands around Sozopol and the port also offers the possibility of ferries and ships. We would like to take a ferry to Nessebar to see this well-known port city as well. But we are unlucky and the ferry does not leave this Sunday. We book a sunset cruise on a schooner, but the trip will be canceled due to presumably too few guests.

Our losing streak continues. The next day we try to charter a small boat in the harbor to explore one of the nearby islands. But this time the waves are too high, so that the ships cannot cast off and our plan to go to sea somehow finally fails.



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