The UFO on top of the Mountain

Diary Entry 14

Sometimes there are places in the world that you just can’t understand, even if you stand there. Be it natural phenomena such as enormous waterfalls, oversized trees or lakes in unusual colors. Often people also manage to design buildings that are so unusual that one can only stand in front of them and be amazed.

At the time of the Soviet rule in Bulgaria it was decided to demonstrate the power of communism in this region of the country with an epochal monument. The mountain Khadji Dimitar has been chosen for this. This is 1441 meters high and is located in the central part of the Balkans, near the city of Kaslanak.

This is where the Soviets erected their monument in 1981: the Buzludzha Monument, a round concrete building with a large tower on which a huge Soviet star is denounced. 6000 people are said to have worked on it, but unfortunately not a single one is responsible for keeping the building intact. And so the concrete building is falling apart and access is already forbidden because of the collapsing roof.

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