Diary Entry 18

We are on our way back because our journey through Bulgaria is coming to an end. So we explore individual places and cities on the way and stop where it seems nice to us.

Our destination for the night is a lake near the city of Batak. There should be good positions for a tent. Wild camping is forbidden in Bulgaria, but that doesn’t seem to bother many people.

The mild evening on the water is the perfect end to a beautiful, but also somewhat boring trip.

At the beginning of our trip we met Uli in Pirin and kept in touch along the way. We received the coordinates for this place on the lake from him. And the conditions are really ideal. The grass is short and the ground soft, there are no mosquitos and we can even walk to a restaurant.

With that we have a little farewell party with sumptuous food, good wine and of course rakya.

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