Diary Entry 8

We drive through endless sunflower fields to the Danube. We finally want to camp again and are confident that we will have the opportunity there. On small country roads that leave nothing to be desired in terms of potholes, we now drive through a flat Bulgarian landscape. It’s summer and we find mirabelle trees in full fruit all along the way.

When we reach the Danube, I have the impression that the map deceived us and led us straight to the Black Sea. The stream is huge, and what we see on the other side as the bank are sometimes only islands.

We make ourselves comfortable with a couple of beers and enjoy the sunset. You feel like you are in a huge biosphere landscape, you can see animals everywhere. The squadrons of mosquitoes only slightly cloud the idyll.

At night we also see lights on the opposite bank. It seems that individual Romanians also appreciate the idyll on the banks of the Danube.

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