My Travel Diaries of the

United Kingdom


Currency: British Pound
Capital: London

Drink like a local: Whisky, Ale, Gin

Special facts:

  • Hardly any other country has such a selection of different alcoholic beverages to burn off
  • The United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales
  • The word “whisky” comes from Gaelic and means “water of life
  • The “united” kingdom is facing a test, as after “Brexit” it is still possible for the other kingdoms to secede from England
  • Great Britain successfully exports sports: football, golf, rugby, cricket, polo and much more come from the island in the North Sea
  • It may well be that you suddenly stumble across ancient gravestones in a sheep meadow that are hundreds of years old
  • Across the country you can find churches and even cathedrals that are now in ruins


English is of course the predominant language in the United Kingdom, but it is not the only language. In Wales and Scotland in particular, Gaelic is still a common everyday language, even among young people.

  • Good day – Latha math
  • Cheers, my friend – Beannachd le mo charaid
  • What whiskey is available here? – Dè an uisge-beatha a tha ri fhaighinn an seo?
  • Is that your sheep? – An i sin do chaora?
  • Goodbye – Mar sin leat
  • Water- Uisge (->”Whisky”)


Throughout the UK you pay in pounds and the exchange rate is slightly higher than the euro. Paying with a credit card in the bar is nothing unusual. But in the country you’d better have enough cash with you.

My lesson:

In Britain you will find history, traditions, bad weather and the best whiskey. Everything fits together perfectly.

Travel Diaries

Even though history is very eventful in all parts of Europe, there are as many books, films and stories about no other country as about England, which incorporated Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland alongside the parts of the former Commonwealth. Because the island of Great Britain is not particularly large and the distances are short, you can experience the country’s history, from the Celts and Romans through the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans to the Victorian era, in ruins, monuments and preserved buildings in villages and towns find again.

Of course, there is also a cozy pub in every village serving whisky, ale and cider. The people are very nice. It’s never a problem for me to find a bed and breakfast quickly.

Even though the food takes some getting used to, I always have a good time in the UK, meet new interesting people and hurt my liver. London is one of the greatest cities of all, Edinburgh is hardly inferior to this reputation and you can recognize the landscape from every Robin Hood film. Cheers!



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