Dear Diary

Stornoway brings us back from the Outer Hebrides to mainland Britain and Ullapool ferry port by ferry. There we move into accommodation and get to know a few travelers from Bavaria. People are interesting and tell us that they invented a board game called “Moeraki Kemu”. Back home, Uwe will buy and try out this game right away.

We also learn from them about a great hike that you can do not far from the small town in the north. A mountain called Stac Pollaidh rises near the coast there and offers incredible 360 degree views. Spontaneously, as we are, we immediately decide to give it a try.

We set off the very next morning and the tenth “full Scottish breakfast” in a row. We leave Ullapool heading north. After a few kilometers a single track branches off to the left.

Even from a distance we can see the striking silhouette of the Stac Pollaidh.

“Polly” may not be the highest hill in Scotland, but due to its special location, spectacular views of the Highlands open up from the two peaks. The East Summit is easily accessible for anyone not suffering from an acute fear of heights. The path to the west summit, however, is a daring climb that we leave to the experts.

We return to the wagon and stop for refreshments in the next village. A joker has built a western saloon in the Scottish idyll. It’s good enough for us for a beer and we strengthen ourselves before we finally get north and to the Cape of Wrath, which bears its name for a reason. – Chris & Alex

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