Dear Diary

Inverness is just a stone’s throw from an impressive fort nearby. Chris loves forts. After the crushing defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie at Culloden, English troops built this powerful artillery fort. It is still in almost its original condition and is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Although much of the site is now open to visitors, the fort is still used by the army.

The star-shaped complex with its many tiered bastions and defensive belts gives a very impressive picture of 18th-century military architecture. Fort George never had to prove its practicality.

Elgin Cathedral was once known as ‘The Lantern of the North‘ and its splendor shone across Scotland. But the Reformation came to an end.

Several fires destroyed the magnificent building and the remaining ruins were used as a quarry. Today, like Chris and Uwe, the walls exude a morbid charm.

We need this charm on our whisky route through Speyside to be able to test one or the other special bottling. – Chris & Alex

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