🇵🇹 The breaking Waves of Porto Da Cruz

Diary Entry

From the end of Madeira we move a little to the north. The waves hit the north side of the island much harder than the south. This is probably why the port and the capital are in every part of the island.

We stop in Porto da Cruz – more by chance, because we are hungry. There is delicious fish and salad as well as a live demonstration of the most beautiful waves crashing against the land.

This place is right between high rocks and offers a very picturesque picture. At this point the wind is not that strong and I can finally start the drone.

There is an outdoor swimming pool right on the coast. Since there are no sandy beaches, the pebbly beaches are not really inviting and the waves are also slightly life-threatening, the islanders thought that a few artificial pools would be beneficial for swimming. These are fed directly from the sea, so you can still enjoy the temperatures of the Atlantic Ocean.

Due to the strong waves, these pools are regularly flooded by the sea, often even with a shower. A few daring dare to go into the pools and enjoy the cold pleasure and we enjoy the performance.

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