mangroves and flamingos

Dear Diary

There are large crocodiles on the south coast, but they are not very expansive and can only be found deep in the mangrove jungle. A breed has been opened for tourists outside of the city, which is so successful that you can buy the stuffed baby crocodile straight away and mom can eat in the restaurant next door.

We do without and find other, quiet nature reserves in the direction of Trinidad. There are supposed to be flamingos at a lake. Nothing is going on at the starting point, except for a small shop whose operators organize a guide.

The lady shows us the forest, the birds and crabs that live there and eat each other, termites and ants in the trees. Many curly-tailed iguanas also live here; We often see them here in the houses side by side with geckos.

At the lake we are passed on to an old man in blue overalls and a straw hat, who rowed us through the mangroves in a boat for over an hour, close to the flamingos.

We can get a pretty good look at them, but they are shy and our skipper is very busy paddling after them.

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