Trinidad – Pearl of the CariabBean

Dear Diary

Trinidad is the pearl of Cuba, even if this wonderful city welcomes us with a downpour.

Trinidad is small and the streets are cobblestone. The houses shine in bright colors and a motley church rounds off the trip back to colonial times.

From higher points you can see the nearby tropical mountains on one side and the nearby sea on the other. Music is played in the beautiful bars and there is the opportunity to dance salsa. I am asked to dance by a pretty lady and she is happy to show me the steps.

We spend a great time in Trinidad with César and Juana-Maria, exchanging wisdom over good food and Chanchanchara and quickly become so good friends that Juana Maria invites us to eat at her house on the day we return to Havana. Everywhere we come with the always cheerful César immediately to Casa Particulares, which Adalberto has either already prepared for us or César quickly finds us.

They get along really well and there are always interesting conversations with our hosts, even if it is quite exhausting for me to translate from Spanish into German and back.

The cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad make a much more stable impression than Havana. The houses also have the antique colonial style, but here the facades are intact and we don’t see any ruins between the rows of houses.

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