🇨🇺 Santa Clara and Ché Guevara

Diary Entry

Santa Clara has nothing special to offer except a huge temple for the Argentine doctor and later Cuban revolutionary leader Ernesto Rafael “Ché” Guevara. “Ché” is a term for “friend” that he received here during the revolution.

The hero was buried here and honored with a huge memorial after his body was found in Bolivia and returned to Cuba. In the South American country, Ché Guevara joined the local revolution. In Cuba he found that he was good at making revolutions, but not at actually ruling a country. So he wanted to help there too.

The United States had not forgotten the revolutionary leader and its disgrace and CIA snipers were dispatched to target him. His remains were buried in an airfield and only given to Cuba many decades later. He was buried in Santa Clara, the city that Ché first conquered and which marked the turning point in the revolution.

There is also a train on display in the city. This was supposed to bring troops, weapons and ammunition from Havana to the combat area, but by a clever trick this train fell into the hands of Ché Guevara.

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