Diary Entry

The marshes of the Pantanal and its wilderness are now behind us and we are back in civilization. We reach the border town at noon and immediately look for a restaurant to eat.

It’s Sunday, so all Brazilians are smartly dressed again and going out too. We find a place and another family makes room for us.

A man from another table comes to help us order. Although we only order a plate of mixed grilled food and half a portion of fish stew, the quantity with the side dishes is so large that we can’t even think about eating everything.

But Leon also gives us little opportunity. He wants to pick up everything you touch, especially salty food and beer.

The translator not only speaks English, but also German. He explains to me that today is Father’s Day in Brazil and therefore there is an additional special opportunity to go out with his family. Leon doesn’t congratulate me.

We are looking for a place to stay. There is little on Airbnb and that is also expensive and not good. Two accommodations do not even open. We ask around and end up at the Hotel Corumbá. The gastronomic variety matches the creativity of the name. In the absence of alternatives, we choose it, even if the room is tiny and the shower doesn’t really work. It seems to be a place to stay for transients, truck drivers and families on the way to or from Bolivia. The truckers are nice though and the staff lets us use the kitchen.

It’s Sara’s birthday and at her request there is fresh coconut. With candles. I found a good restaurant that also opens at lunchtime and I invite the Belgians Annie and Ben, who we met at the Jaguar Square and who are now also in Corumbá.

It’s gotten hot the last few days. 38 degrees and either very dry or it starts to rain and the humidity makes the sweat run.

We pack our things – our time in Brazil is coming to an end. Tomorrow we will get to know Bolivia.



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