Diary Entry

The alpine landscape of Italy was picturesque. The same thing continues here. From the Italian border I drive east towards St. Moritz. But not for skiing or other luxuries.

The places and street signs are also Italian. Shortly before St. Moritz I turn north and have two important mountain passes in front of me: Maloja and Julier.

St. Moritz? My gold is the rays of the setting sun above me and the breathtaking landscape.

The Maloja Pass is a Swiss Alpine pass that connects Bergell with Engadin and separates the Albula from the Bernina Alps 1The pass has a long history and was an important โ€œfeederโ€ to the Julier Pass and through the Engadin even in Roman times 2.

An interesting story that revolves around the Maloja Pass is about a man named Johann Coaz. Coaz was a Swiss geodesist and mountaineer who lived in the 19th century. He was the first person to climb Piz Bernina, one of the highest peaks in the Eastern Alps 3. One day, when Coaz was traveling on the Maloja Pass, he met a man who told him that he had found a way to reach the summit of Piz Bernina. Coaz was skeptical, but the man insisted that he knew what he was talking about. Finally, Coaz relented and followed the man to a hidden valley that he had never seen before. The man led him to a glacier that he had never seen before and showed him a path that led to the summit of Piz Bernina.

Coaz was amazed and grateful for the manโ€™s discovery. He later returned to climb the summit of Piz Bernina and named the glacier that the man had shown him after him. The glacier is still called the Forno Glacier today and is a popular destination for mountaineers and skiers.


I’ve never heard of the Maloja Pass. However, I will never forget this pass. As the ride goes smoothly up the valley with simple, wide curves, I suddenly find myself at the end.

The serpentines narrow like pinheads and I have to use all my skill to avoid running into oncoming traffic in the tight uphill curves. Even though it is late, there are still many cars on the road.

Serpentine hardcore

This pass was the most difficult one I have ridden so far. At the altitude of 1,812 meters I have to take a breather. And of course take photos.

I’ve never heard of the Maloja Pass. However, I will never forget this pass

Did they really build a palace up here? I hope it’s not just for ski tourists. I’m sure the palace is only for ski tourists.

I drive along Lake Sils past an exaggeratedly pompous building. I want to get to Flims today. My aunt owns an apartment there that belongs to my grandmother and that I can use as a base camp. But I still have a long way to go and the sun is finally leaning towards the horizon. I hope that I can make it to Flims over the even higher Julier Pass and the Engadine in the daylight.


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