Diary Entry

After the lovely family trip deep down into the Rhine Gorge, I don’t miss the chance to go there independently in the Tiger. I can only get down to the gorge from Flims via Laax and Sagogn via a narrow gravel road.

There’s no one here except me. It’s already October, but still wonderfully warm. The perfect mix. Autumn is already turning the trees brown and the scent of the leaves mixes with the air of the already snow-covered peaks.

Behind the Rhine Gorge, on the other side of the river, I climb the heights of the mountains again. From there I can still see the high rocks of the gorge, but I can’t see deep into them.

I drive to Ilanz via Castrisch. My goal is to be in Disentis for lunch. But first I would like to see what can be found on the map in the side valley of Pigniu.

I am here to explore the Alpine side valleys and their Beauty

– I will not be disappointed

In order not only to heat up the highway 19 to Disentis, I would especially like to explore the side valleys and their beauty. On the map I notice the valley at the Schmuer and the village of Pigniu.

The road apparently ends at a mountain range with a reservoir. I want to take a look and wind up the lonely streets.

The colors are incredibly beautiful. Did I mention it’s October? In the Alps? I hike along the reservoir in my tank top until I continue my journey.

After Pigniu there are not many alternatives. I drive along the 19 to Disentis and have lunch. There are too many people here. I turn around and want to go to the Valser Valley next.



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