🇮🇹 Tiger in Italy: The colorful villas and cypress trees by the lake

Diary Entry

The walls along Lake Lugano are steep. After leaving Lugano I drive steadily along the slope by the lake. Every place that can be built on also supports a house. Even gas stations are located in scenic locations because there are no other options. This makes it difficult to stop to take a photo or just enjoy the scenery.

The border then suddenly comes behind a curve and after a tunnel. Squeezed between this and another tunnel is a customs station through which traffic creeps slowly. It doesn’t feel quite like Schengen. Then I’m in Italy. As expected, there is no visual difference.

It’s just incredibly beautiful. Colorful Mediterranean-style houses lie right on the water between pine and cypress trees.

But there is a lot going on. I’m happy to be here with a motorbike, so it’s no problem to stop somewhere in a village.

I can imagine that many impressions from here end up on Instagram. It is exactly the idyll that attracts tourists from all over the world here.

A dream of Italy

But like any famous Instagram spot, this one is already completely overcrowded. The pictures are nice, but the place is not as relaxed as it looks.

I follow Lake Lugano to Porlezza. From there I follow a short section to reach the next lake at Menaggio, Lago di Como.

At the northern tip of Lake Como I drive from Gera Lario back into the mountains and cross Italy’s beautiful alpine landscape.

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