Diary Entry

From the beautiful city of Bellinzona, I continue on to Lake Lugano to see the city of the same name. Even though it is late in September there are a lot of people in the city.

It’s not easy for me to decide where to put the motorcycle. There are commercial places for motorcycles here.

Should I still risk simply placing the machine next to a wall?

I risk it – and then I see four police officers who are watching the traffic for some reason. But she doesn’t seem to be interested in me and my motorcycle. So I leave the tiger and my warm clothes there. It is hot.

I park the motorcycle not far from the lake and walk straight to the shore. Buildings in the Italian-Mediterranean style are lined up next to prefabricated buildings.

In between, cypress trees rise up next to Italian towers and palazzi.

It already looks like Italy here

I want to have some lunch here and head to the city center. There is no shortage of restaurants. It is obvious that the city is prepared for a large amount of tourists.

A few photos, a plate of lasagne and a bottle of Rivela later, I decide to leave again.

It’s too crowded here for me.

My motorcycle is still there, untouched, where I left it. No police officer was interested in it, even though I was the only one who parked his motorcycle not in an advertised motorcycle parking space, but in the wilderness of the city.

My next step will take me along Lake Lugarner to Italy. I’m very curious to see what that feels like.

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