Diary Entry

Our time in Vrnjačka Banja is over and we have to make our way back to Belgrade. On the way we visit a few memorials on the way.

First there is at least time for a mala puna in Kraljevo.

Not far from Vrnjačka Banja there is a place called Popina. There you will find a very idiosyncratic form of modern art. The metal geometries are supposed to represent a telescope, Uros explains to me.

During the Second World War, a unit of partisans is said to have defeated a majority of the German Wehrmacht here, exactly at the point to which the telescope is pointing.

Another memorial to the victims of World War II can be found near the town of Kragujevac. German soldiers murdered a school class here. The children and teachers are remembered at this point.

The memorial is a huge theme park and you come across from monument to monument. Here it is a priest, there a partisan group who are remembered.

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