The Crowning Place of Serbian Kings

Diary Entry

Not far from here is Kraljevo. The city is known for its industry, but nearby is a historically significant site, the Žiča Monastery.

The place was of enormous importance for Serbia in the Middle Ages. As a center of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Serbian kings were consecrated and crowned here.

Numerous frescoes decorate the monastery.

The monastery is still inhabited today. Next door we find a cemetery. On the tombstones you can see pictures of nuns.

The dates tell us that they have been buried there for the last few centuries.

Not far away there is another monastery dedicated to a saint. Of course it has to be an Ivana, I’m sure of that. But in fact it is a holy Milica and our Milica laughs.

Unfortunately, Saint Milica does not allow taking photos inside its walls, so only one photo from the outside remains to commemorate this place.

Afterwards we visit a few gloomy places that are reminiscent of the past wars.

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