🇫🇷 A good day: to the fairytale village of Ribeauvillé in Alsace

Diary Entry

For a change, we have fun on the doorstep and satisfy our urge to go on an expedition on the other side of the Rhine. That’s where France and Alsace lie, which tempt with cheese, wine and better weather today than in Germany.

We only make a small excursion and choose the small town of Ribeauvillé, which is just eighteen kilometers north of Colmar and nestles in the vineyards there.

We quickly find a parking space for cars and motorbikes. While I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Alsace before, Sara and her mother Ethi find it exotic. And Leon is also happy to be outside.

However, he is also quickly distracted if there is water to be seen anywhere. No fountain or spring remains undiscovered and if we didn’t hold onto the little one with all our strength, he would jump straight into the water.

From the parking lot, the path leads through the Jardin de Ville to the old town. On every second house there is advertising for the local wine, which is the main export hit alongside the Munster cheese from the nearby town and the French flair that tourists expect.

You can also see the names of the owners on the houses, who still remind you of their German origins, such as the flower shop “Nadelhoffer”, the winemaker “Zahnacker” and many more.

Despite no holiday season and only moderate weather, the small town is exploding with tourists. The medieval atmosphere of the village is underlined by knights’ suits of armor and ancient weapons in the shop windows.

The stork, which is typical of Alsace, can also be found everywhere, be it on the roof of the town hall or as a plush souvenir to take home.

A rain shower that starts makes us realize how hungry we are. The nearest restaurant and the last table are ours. It also only takes an hour before we have anything to eat. That suits Leon’s mood; too excited to sleep, the little prince of darkness shows a certain irritability. At least the cheese is delicious.

Sara does her best and puts the little one to sleep so we can continue our little tour of the city. The weather is now at its best as we leave the restaurant.

Basically, the old town follows one long street, the Grand’Rue. Towards the mountains you can see the ruins of the Ulrichsburg, which sits enthroned there with an excellent view over the Rhine Valley.

Leon is only carried and Ethi bravely pushes the scorned stroller over the cobblestones.

Meanwhile, Sara is suddenly craving sweets and needs immediate donuts, preferably intravenously. I am sent to a patisserie with the order to buy the donuts offered there and despair because there are no donuts there until it turns out that they mean the sugared pretzels, which are really the same as donuts…

With the end of the lack of sugar, the end of the excursion has also come, for which I also have a little something in the form of two bottles of local wine under my arms.



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