August 5.-7.

Diary Entry

We sleep a long time and make breakfast cereal with Nutella for breakfast. Then we pack all our things waterproof and build our boat with enthusiasm.

Since the waterfall bubbles properly we are hopeful that we can soon paddle with some tributaries from the other valleys.

First, however, we have to treble the boat through a small trickle. That turns out to be difficult and incredibly tedious. We decide to run ahead with the backpacks and then treble the lighter boat.

Everything is very tiring. We have to carry the boat in between, because the river is completely silted up.  

We find the river with more current and even have to brake our boat. We cover 6.6 km a day and are extremely exhausted.

After all, the vegetation increases and we camp on an island of soft moss between small trees.

We make campfires with music, vodka and maccaroni.

We make better progress today, but then the river dries up completely. We have to carry everything we have individually. Dead trees block the river bed. Then come forward again with treideln and can even paddle briefly, but then it is too flat again, the river has dried up again. But nature is breathtaking!

We camp in the wide empty river bed. Our hope and motivation are at a very bad level. 

I’m celebrating my birthday with a destroyed cake from Batagay-Alyta that I’ve been carrying around with me ever since. But that’s also the joyful highlight of the day. Since we are completely dry again, we run eight kilometers ahead with half the luggage, but still find no water.

We send our drone up as scouts, but we still don’t see water in the distance. We consult and have to make a decision.

We decide to return. We don’t know how long it won’t have enough water and at that speed we wouldn’t be able to do this distance for a long time. In addition, we are slow because Uli has pulled a ribbon.

We can request the weather forecast for the next few days via the satellite telephone; there is no sign of rain in any trace.

We return to our boat in frustration.


Check out the video of the whole trip!



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