Diary Entry

We arrive at the reindeer nomads’ camp shortly after sunrise at around six in the morning.

Only a few tents are scattered and a spherical woman and a man with leather-like skin greet us and the others.

There is no sign of the reindeer. We are told that the herd grazes in another valley. We are going to the tent for breakfast for breakfast. There are pieces of horse meat, bread and cranberry jam.

Then we continue towards the pass. We stop on a plateau with meadows. Break. Everyone goes to sleep first. We set up a tent and take a nap too. Constantine comes to us and offers us horses. The river is said to be navigable only in 20 to 30 kilometers. We agree to accept one for the luggage, but we cannot agree on the price. The nomad keeper also comes to us and offers us horses at an even more expensive price. We remain stubborn, refuse and continue to sleep.

We build a sled for heavy luggage from small trees. Despite our construction, transporting the heavy sack by boat and our supplies is very tedious and test several train options. Just want to say goodbye, they bring us a real sled, do our things on it, tie it to a quad bike and they drive us to the Sobopol river without saying big words.

We stop at a place in front of the river gorge to make a sacrifice for mountains. “Tradition”. We spill some whiskey while the other cigarettes leave.

We are giving away the whiskey as a thank you, but we are toasting again. Again we make a victim and everyone has to tap on cups before drinking.

We are done with little sleep and the ordeal in the truck. We pitch our tent around the corner of a small waterfall that represents the source of the Sobopol. Constantine and the others set off with their huge rifles and we are now where we wanted to be – alone, far from any civilization in the heart of Siberia.

Watch the video from our trip!



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