๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ Fearless Tiger: Conquering Western Switzerland’s Capricious Weather on My Motorbike

Diary Entry

The start of the day is already very humble. After a very sunny ride through French Burgundy, Switzerland greets me with rain and cold and doesn’t give up on it that easily. I look out the window in the morning and only see a wall of rain in front of me. But it doesn’t help – I have to get on my motorcycle and drive on.

At least I can still enjoy a nice breakfast at my aunt’s and I was able to dry my things overnight so that the start is a little less uncomfortable. According to the weather app, there should also be a corridor in the direction of Bern where it doesn’t rain. I’m trying to reach it.

In fact, the rain is decreasing near Friborg and it is clearing up. A few dark clouds are occasionally raining down, but it’s better. Nevertheless, I still have to do without the panorama of the Alps.

Eastern Switzerland itself is surprisingly flat. Without the Alps on the horizon, it looks like you’re still somewhere in France or Germany. Medieval towns, green hills and isolated farms characterize the landscape.

Are you sure this is Switzerland?

The journey is very varied and takes me over fields, hills, forests and through small villages. I take a lunch break in Solothurn, the most beautiful baroque city of Switzerland, and enjoy the beautiful little town a little longer.

In the meantime it has become sunny and hot. Now I’m dry again.

First wet, then heat. The weather offers the all-round washing program.

When I think I can write off the mountains, real giants suddenly rise out of nowhere behind Solothurn. In a narrow zigzag, it goes up to the 1395 meter high Weissenstein. This is not a huge peak, but finally something is happening in the landscape.

Because behind the Weissenstein, the road meanders down into the valleys and through gorges. It gets really interesting just before the French border – and then I switched countries again without realizing it. I start my way home via France.



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