🇨🇭 The Captivating Alps and the cool Rain of Lake Geneva

Tagebuch Eintrag

I leave Arbois with a full stomach. Dark clouds are already announcing a tunderstorm in the mountains, and that’s exactly where I have to go. After a few curves it’s already so far, I’m coming in rain showers and thunder is coming over my head.

My clothes absorb the water very well and my things are rainproof in the boxes. Only the visor of my helmet is wet and fogged up.

The smartphone may be waterproof, but the drops on the display make it go crazy. I am taking a break.

It’s less fun in the rain

Is this still France or already Switzerland? There is no Border

I am in the foothills of the Alps. If the weather were nice, I could certainly see the splendor of the mountains looming before me. Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps but still in France, is not far from me. But for me there is only a wall of haze on the horizon.

I reach a lake called Lac de Joux and realize that I’ve obviously already crossed the Swiss border.

There’s a lot more going on on the streets. I exit onto small roads and pass a beautiful poppy field.

The red still shines on this gray day. The next dark cloud and a rain shower are announced on the horizon.

The colors are so beautiful

Fortunately, between a few showers it clears up again and I can see mountains. Normally, a ride through Switzerland is a pleasure and today is my first time on a motorbike in one of the cantons.

I cross the French-speaking canton of Vaud, which extends to the other side of Lake Geneva.

At Lausanne I can finally see Lake Geneva. It’s Friday afternoon. The streets are full of people who want to go to the weekend. It could be better.

In the evening near Blonay I finally reach my destination for the day. My aunt lives here with a beautiful view of the lake and its rain clouds.

From the window with delicious food and good wine I can watch how the weather outside is not getting any better. A warm shower is still good, as is a warm bed.

The next morning we continue as before. It’s raining. According to my weather map, there is a narrow corridor in the direction of Bern where it should be dry. Just take a look.



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