On the way back to Faro we are drawn back to the mountains. We land in a tiny village called Linhares and spend the night in one of the stone-layered houses. This village is really primeval.

The bright sunshine the next morning promises another fantastic day. There are no tourists in this place. I find a small café, right on the village square. There are only Portuguese people who look at us in astonishment and pause in their discussions.

Of course there is no map, but I can point to a few things that we would like to have. There are also fresh cherries on the counter, which I order with some juice, a few waffles, coffee and water. That will cost us 6 €. All in all. And only because we are tourists. The place has an impressively large fortress for its small size, which I quickly explore before we set off again.

The next stop is called Monsanto. The impressive thing about this place is that it was built directly in and around large boulders. The huge pebbles make every visitor appear miniaturized.

Here, too, there is an old fortress, the Castelo Branco, on the mountain from which you can see far across the country.

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