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Currency: DOP (Dominican Peso)
Capital: Santo Domingo

Drink like a local: Ron Brugal

Special facts:

  • The Caribbean state is the land of package holidaymakers. Individual travelers are almost as rare here as snow
  • Creole food is only for a strong stomach
  • According to locals, tourists who stray too far from larger groups also get robbed at one point. You should be careful
  • The island of Dominika is full of extreme contrasts. On the one hand there is the rich, Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic. On the other hand, there is poor, disaster-stricken French-speaking Haiti. Many Haitians try to earn money across the border


Without Spanish you are in a fix on the island if you travel individually. The most important vocabulary:

  • Good afternoon – Buenas dias
  • Hello – Hola
  • Rum- Ron
  • How are you? – Que tal?
  • Beach – Playa
  • Cheers – Salud


The currency here is the Dominican Peso. Of course, you can also pay with US dollars and euros, but you lose money when you change them. You can also easily withdraw money in cities with credit cards. However, it is best not to have so many valuables with you when you are off the beaten track.

The Dominican Republic is paradise once you are out of reach of the hotel resorts

Travel Diaries

The Caribbean offers a good balance of travel time and warmth. And for this very reason you can travel to the “DomRep“, which is notorious for package tourism, very cheaply. But it doesn’t have to be package tourism; there is a lot of country and culture away from the hotel strongholds.

Creoles are friendly and cater to tourists. But they are not pushy and accept if you are not interested. But it doesn’t look as if many individual travelers come through here. People seem to have adjusted to tour groups.

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