Diary Entry

We’ve had eventful days in Las Galeras and we’ve come to terms with our shipwreck reasonably well.

I had the idea to explore a tropical jungle on the island by kayak. However, our adventure in Las Galeras has made us more cautious, and unfortunately our time in the Dominican Republic is running out. The distances are not great, but the means of transportation are very slow.

Therefore, we only decide to stop in the small town of Saman谩, which also gives the peninsula its name.

The route is not far, but the kayak means we have a lot of luggage and transporting longer distances with my trekking backpack and the kayak packsack on the pillion passenger of a scooter is only moderately fun.

In Saman谩 I’m looking for a post office to get rid of my postcards. This turns out to be not easy and the post office building I find looks clean from the outside, but inside it is empty.

Only one lady is sitting at a school desk and is amazed by my question about stamps. She even has some in stock, which she professionally attaches to the cards with scotch tape.

We explore the city and everywhere there is a lot of activity. In the end, what captivates us most is the bay as the sun sets. A not so small fishing boat sticks out of the water half submerged.

We gather some rest and energy before we go to Punta Cana and the departure the next day. There you no longer notice anything of the idyll of the Caribbean island, because the city is the direct gateway for all-inclusive tourists.

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