Diary Entry

The landscape becomes more exciting. After going very monotonously and straight to the place RoborΓ©, where you got a feeling of Bolivia’s originality, the road now meanders through the dense forest and cliffs made of red rock protrude from the jungle as walls, towers or crests.

At the town of Chochis we turn off and climb up the foot of one of these imposing mountains with Dusty.

The large rock is visible from afar

A very beautiful monastery was built there. The chapel at the Santuario Mariano de la Torre commemorates the victims of a local flood in 1979. Designed by Hans Roth, who renovated all of the Jesuit mission churches in Chiquitania between 1972 and 1999 (see Lonely Planet).

Sara has to watch out for Leon, who is only lightly asleep while I can get out and climb over the rocks and get the drone moving.

Towering over this monastery is an imposing rock spire called Muela del Diablo – the devil’s tooth. I would like to ask a theologian why the devil lost his tooth here of all places and what motivates the monks to build an enclave here of all places.

It goes on and we still have to find a place to stay for the night. I heard about a nice spot with a view near the city of San JosΓ© de Chiquitos. We’ll try to make it there by nightfall.

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