Diary Entry

We are happy that we can continue. The continuation of our journey was still hanging by a thread a few hours ago. We also survived the ferry of a soul seller. The road from the bridgehead in San Pablo de Tiquina goes back up and then along the ridge of the mountain that juts into the island. The setting sun colors the lake and the surrounding heights golden. I suggest staying somewhere with a great view, but Sara finds it too high; the altitude gives her nausea and headaches.

So we drive on and down again at the level of the lake to the small idyllic town of Copacabana. Just in time to see a purple sky over nearby Peru, we arrive at the boardwalk, eat trout and spend the night overlooking the boats on the lake shore. The city turns out to be a wonderful surprise and for us it is a wonderful end to our time in Bolivia.

We will spend two nights here and explore the small town. We take a boat and see the city and surrounding villages from the water.

We visit the floating grass-built islands where the ancestors lived and look out over the lake from Mirador del Inca.

In a distance we can see Isla del Sol. This inconspicuous island is of particular importance for South American history, as it is believed to be the origin of the Incas.

For the sake of astronomical completeness, the small island next to it is called Isla de la Luna. The ruined walls of early dwellings can still be found on both islands.

The outlines of ancient terraces can also be seen on the slopes of the mountains and hills surrounding the lake. The peoples of the past probably grew their vegetables there. How many people must have lived here?


Copacabana also has a beautiful, albeit very small, old town. The center is the not so small Basilica de Nuestra SeΓ±ora de Copacabana. The white cathedral with a large forecourt is surrounded by a wall in front of which traders have positioned themselves.

The city is one of the “big” tourist spots in Bolivia and attracts both local and foreign tourists. So far we have never seen so many backpackers on our trip as here.


It looks crazy, you climb up to almost four thousand meters with your car and then it seems as if you are standing on the beach of a sea. You can see water far beyond the horizon, there are waves on the beach and big boats disappearing over the horizon.

After a few days in the idyllic city, we decide to leave. Our time in Bolivia is over and we easily cross the small border into Peru just behind the city.

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