Diary Entry

We leave the Devil’s Tooth and still traverse an impressive landscape of jungle and red rocks rising from it. Then we get to the next bigger city, San JosΓ© de Chiquitos. I wonder if there are bananas here. I notice: not more than usual. But we are looking for avocados, and there don’t seem to be many of them in Bolivia. We end up at a market again and find what we are looking for.

There are other interesting fruits there, like something that looks similar to a pepper and tastes like a cucumber. Or small red berries, but they are potatoes.

It’s a hustle and bustle, but the people are very friendly and open-minded. The city center has a beautiful historical core that we cross.

We leave the city on the other side as it’s already getting dark and drive up a bumpy track up a mountain just in time to set up camp at a viewpoint at sunset. The view is awesome. Rock needles form a fascinating formation and from this mountain one can see over the seemingly endless expanse of a flat landscape of Bolivia.

This place is called valle de la luna, but fortunately the moon does not appear. When the sun has set, the stars and the Milky Way quickly present themselves in full glory.

The Landscape and the stars are breathtaking

The morning is as I imagine it. The sky turns red and the spark on the horizon quickly turns into a fireball in the sky. We observe this snuggled up in our duvet, because it’s still cold outside.

The last stage is before a longer stay in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

I mentally prepare myself for a particularly corrupt police check that other travelers have warned me about. Apparently they do weekends, because nobody is at the described place. We drive through a highway to Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The landscape quickly changes again and we have more cattle ranches and industry around us the closer we get to the city.

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