The way is the destination and we have no place we want to go to directly except postage in a few days.

We are surprised by great little places that we cross and where we can find the best food, the best wine, the best olives and the best coffee for little money. One of these places is Alcacer do Sal.

A white house facade lies on a wide river, a small church trumps the height of the other houses. It is infinitely hot and we choose a small restaurant by the river. Portions in Portugal are huge. You might think that in this sunny country you only eat little things and get a few little fish when you order sardines cheaply. But here eight large fish land on a platter plus potatoes and lettuce in front of the eyes that are getting bigger and bigger.

Driving a highway in Portugal is no fun. Most of the time we are on country roads, but every now and then we are forced to cover a longer distance to arrive in Porto in time despite the temptation of every beautiful village, lake, waterfall or mountain.

The reason is not the traffic. There is none on highways. This is because an automatic toll station deducts one to four euros from the account every few kilometers. So it hurts to save time in your wallet.

We are leaving Alcacer do Sal and would like to go swimming. On the internet map I see a lake not far from our street and a fine line that leads there. The dusty gravel road rewards us with a large dammed surface of water, surrounded by forest and completely lonely.

I don’t hesitate for long, I pull naked and enjoy the cool water. It is also a pleasure to lie in the shade of the trees in the grass and listen to the sound of the wind.

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