An Invitation to Chamusca

🇵🇹 Portugal (2019)

Unfortunately we cannot stay at the fantastic lake forever, because we are expected. We found hosts in Couchsurfing who welcome us in a small town called Chamusca. The family has a house there and welcomes us warmly.

Flavio and Silvina have two children, but they pretty much ignore us. The mother cooked the traditional bacalao especially for us.

Flavio invited us to Couchsurfing. The small town is away from everything.

As Flavio told me: “in Chamusca you are the only tourists”. I am enthusiastic about that.

In addition, Ascensao is on the holiday of Ascension Day, and on the occasion of this there is a local festival. At midnight we walk into the center of the town and marvel at the hustle and bustle.

There are dealers with stalls and stages with artists.

At the climax, bulls are driven up and down the main street and end at an arena.

There is a small bloodless bullfighting in which one of the bulls is irritated by any people, who then disappear when their sharp horns approach their gang.

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