Diary Entry

We pack our things and leave San CristΓ³bal by ferry. By “ferry” we actually mean a medium-sized, closed ship. What we get is a larger fishing boat and we sit just in front of the engines while the seawater splashes around our ears and we cross the ocean between the islands.

It’s pretty scary to be whipping across the wide Pacific Ocean in a nutshell like this and not seeing any land around you. On our 360 degree tour we at least had saving land nearby.

But we see albatrosses circling again and again. Apart from Leon, who fortunately sleeps through the track.

Tips and costs for the Galapagos Islands can be found on this page.

On the island of Santa Cruz we have to change boats and have the opportunity to go ashore. After our stay on Isla Isabela we will stay here for a few days. Here, too, we see many animals in the harbor. A particularly large number of small sharks circle around the jetties.

Then continue by boat across the ocean.

After an hour we come in fog and the sea is smooth as glass. Something sticks out of the water a short distance away and appears to have a larger body that disappears back into the water. And we’re in this little boat.

Finally we reach Isla Isabela and are already greeted in the water of the harbor by a large number of rays, puffer fish, sharks, seals, gannets and even penguins.

Again we take the water taxi from the boat to land and we get to know Puerto Villamil and the island of La Isabela.

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