Diary Entry

In the afternoon we continue from Hercegovina’s Waterfalls to Mostar. We have already seen the most impressive pictures of this city, which was particularly shaken by the war, but, like many other places in this country, has been rebuilt to a new beauty thanks to plenty of EU funds.

Mostar is at the top of the priority list of our activities. We spontaneously booked accommodation in the center and are welcomed by the Croatian owner Ivana, who has some cheeky and ambiguous sayings on her tongue.

The city center is clear, but beautiful. To the left and right of the Neretva River, medieval buildings crisscross the steep bank. Over the cobblestones, we come to numerous craft shops, souvenir shops and restaurants. The smart imams of a mosque have found an additional source of income.

For a few euros they allow tourists access to a corner of their sacred area, from which one has a particularly good view of the Old Bridge, the city’s landmark. This monument also fell victim to the siege and capture of the city and was carefully restored.

We hardly get around to impressing people with our bits of Bosnian. As we have already noticed in Croatia, most people speak German. The older people used to work as guest workers in Germany and the younger ones adjust to tourism.

The city is very touristy, but it stays within limits and the prices are still reasonable. As night falls, we enjoy the best food, the best wine and the view of the colorful reflections of the city lights in the river. Tomorrow we continue to the Dervishes.




Road Trip

A Crazy Balkan Road Trip II – Bosnia & Croatia

2019 πŸ‡§πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡­πŸ‡·

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