Diary Entry

Behind the border lies one of the country’s many special tourist attractions, the Plitvicka Lakes. Chris doesn’t believe me and wants to give me an attempt to visit.

The first parking lot, however, revealed itself to be a fairground that would overshadow any Disney Land, full of souvenir and food stalls and wide rows of tour buses. We turn our car in the opposite direction as quickly as possible.

On the left and right of the street we only notice hotels and holiday homes. We get to the sea via a scenic, but completely overcrowded mountain road and via our spontaneous online booking in the small fishing village of Sveti Juraj. Fortunately, there are hardly any tourists here, we have an apartment for ourselves and the crystal clear sea on our doorstep.

An incredible dinner, white wine and the most colorful sunset I’ve ever seen herald the last evening of our trip. With cigars and raki on the beach, we look back over the trip in our minds.

The last day turns out to be unworthily unspectacular for the trip. We drive back along the coast towards Zadar. We make side trips to smaller places around the city, as we still have time until evening to drop off the car and take the plane home.

However, the landscape is barren and pensioners in particular lie on the bare pebble beaches. We enjoy one last good meal before saying goodbye to the Mediterranean and the Balkans. Until next time!

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