Night Train to Copenhagen

Dear Diary

We leave Freiburg im Breisgau with the family immediately after the Christmas holidays to visit Sara’s friends in the Swedish city of Karlskrona. We’re a little unlucky. Thanks to the chaos at Freiburg Central Station, coupled with a lack of information on the train, we miss our opportunity and can only leave one day later than planned.

When we finally sit in our train, head towards Copenhagen and try to sleep, we also have to deal with a drunk who first falls from the seat onto our lap and then onto the floor, which means that the on-board service takes the train to Mainz station for the first time Unscheduled can hold longer to give the ambulance and the federal police the opportunity to get the guy off the train and take a closer look.

Copenhagen offers a wonderful setting of nocturnal lighting on a post-Christmas night. We stroll along the harbor and the canals to the royal palace and enjoy the atmosphere. Then we have to go back to our train that will take us to Sweden.

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