Hercegovina’s Waterfalls

🇧🇦 Bosnien & Herzegowina (2019)

Diary Entry

Entry into Bosnia and thus out of the EU is very quick and easy.

But what will not be easy is the search for ATMs to stock up on the local currency. We curve through a few places until we discover a machine and also refresh our provisions. Then we travel on to the first tourist attraction, the Kravice waterfalls. These waterfalls are really impressive, but the atmosphere around them is sobering. A huge parking lot has been tamped into the ground and the access to the waterfall has been provided with a large concrete box office.

Masses of Italian visitors pour over the generously laid out scree path, over which the more relaxed contemporaries can take a tourist train to the water.

There the waterfall has degenerated into an amusement park. You can swim and row a boat there as you like, while you are not shopping at one of the countless souvenir shops. You orientate yourself strongly with your Croatian neighbor. We notice that we are still too close to the limit and we flee.

Nearby we come to the Kocusa waterfalls, which are less spectacular, therefore less touristy and much more interesting for us. The incredibly beautiful bride is also interesting,

who takes wedding photos there with her future husband. We all catch our breath and I dare to ask to take a photo to keep as a souvenir.

Right next to dinner, I book an accommodation nearby via AirBnB. The drive is quite short and takes us to a remote winery where the hostess Ivana greets us. The farm has been newly renovated and our luck continues to add up. We can try the local wine straight away and buy a whole bottle for the evening.

And this evening is topped even further by the fact that a company of young women celebrates their hen night in the pool of the property. Wine and women, we have everything we need and enjoy the evening.

The weather forecast remains bad and the next day welcomes us with light rain. However, this increased humidity does not affect our mood and we continue on our way. Even though we are in Bosnia, more precisely in Herzegovina, this area is inhabited exclusively by Croats. The overview in this country with its many ethnic groups is incredibly confusing, but what will turn out is

that the Bosnians are apparently clearly in the minority behind Croatians and Serbs. The attempt to divide this country between Serbia and Croatia led to the Bosnian War in the 1990s. Well, at least that’s the very simple explanation. The exact circumstances are much more complicated and difficult to understand for outsiders.

When we arrive in the medieval town of Pocitelj, the weather is excellent again. The place impresses with its winding into the mountain

ancient town center, its impressive fortress and a large mosque.

We want to be in Mostar in the evening.

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