Diary Entry

We say goodbye to Giancarlo and his lovely family from Piura. We’ll get a lot of helpful advice along the way. The drive to the border runs north through a new desert with bushes, which turns into a desert with bare trees.

The vegetation is slowly becoming greener and the landscape more mountainous. Then we even see running water. It is clear that we are approaching the Andes again.

Day 14 without a breakdown

Suddenly near the border there are rivers and vast plantations of mango trees. After a long stay in the barren landscape, it feels very refreshing to suddenly see running water and bright colors again.

The last time we saw lush green scenery was on the Death Road just before we reached La Paz. That was in September. And we find the first coconuts in ages!!

Then we suddenly reach the border. Google Maps showed them a few kilometers away, but the gentlemen in uniform who ordered us to the side of the road are unmistakable. The officials are very friendly, but it still takes over an hour for us to enter Ecuador with pink stamps in our passports. We are excited about the new country!

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