The place where the refugees are stranding

Dear Diary

The next day we land in a place that is actually called “Martin Brod”. Here, too, there are beautiful waterfalls and a short hiking trail that goes through a tunnel and a half. Why one and a half?

Because the path ends in the middle of the second tunnel and it doesn’t seem like anyone is planning to finish this construction project again.

The place following Martin Brod has the no less curious name Kulen Vakuf and the promising, but ultimately disappointing fortress Ostrovica.

On the way there we find out that the three of us, an old man, a fat man and a cripple, can still walk up a mountain faster than a tractor full of youngsters can drive.

The waterfalls of Strbcko Buk are particularly impressive.

These divide Bosnia from Croatia and we have to drive 8 kilometers of gravel road there and back again to be able to admire them.

We stay overnight in Bihac. This border town has been reported in the recent past, as many Syrian refugees on the Balkan route stranded here in front of the closed doors of the EU.

Some of these refugees still spend their time here.

The river and an old city tower are also quite nice. Otherwise, Bihac is pretty ugly. It took us 33 minutes to cross the border.

Shortly after the border a few more minutes, because a Croatian police patrol checked us again.

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