Diary Entry

We reach the city of Cuenca after our refreshment with beans and cocoa and the beautiful days in the mountains and decide to stay here in civilization for a week. I have to take the car to the workshop to change the oil and filter and fix a few things for the planned sale.

We find a nice place to stay with a large terrace on the northern outskirts of town. We can see all over Cuenca. However, it’s not that warm at all, so unfortunately we don’t use the terrace much.

Day 8 without a breakdown

The city in southern Ecuador has a lot to offer. The old town is very big. The streets are cobbled, the houses are colonial style and an impressive church stands every two blocks. In the middle of the old town is a huge cathedral, the Catedral de la Inmaculada ConcepciΓ³n.

The church is so big that you can only grasp its dimensions from far away from the mountains, because in the city houses surround the church. I can’t stop taking photos.

I thought that only in Peru are people crazy about guinea pigs (“cuy”). But also here on the way and in the city we encounter many street kitchens and restaurants that advertise the preparation of the small fluffy rodents.

After all, you can buy fresh coconut on every second street corner, so that Sara can continue her plan to drink one coconut a day.

Leon is now doing quite well. Both in our accommodation and in the streets, he often dares to trudge alone without a hand.

The car is due for an oil and filter change. I’m having the rear bumper repainted as it has taken a beating, especially at night alone on the streets of La Paz. The brakes and suspension should also be checked again, the wheels balanced and then I’m looking for a carpenter to fix the rickety ones Cabinet doors renewed. First of all, the car needs to be washed once.

All in all it’s been a very productive week. However, the weather turns bad on the second day. The clouds are gathering, it’s getting cold and it’s raining. That explains why it’s so green here. At least in sunshine.

The television news announces the soccer World Cup. The first game will be played by host country Qatar and Ecuador. Before we leave on the day, I want to see what it’s like in South America when the country plays in the World Cup.

I find out where there is public viewing in the city and watch with the Ecuadorians. It’s not particularly crowded and the gameplay is very bad. After the first half it’s enough and we leave heading towards an ancient site of the Incas.



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