Diary Entry

The Galapagos Islands are very diverse. The day before yesterday I was still climbing through the fog in the black desert in the highlands. The town of Puerto Villamil, on the other hand, looks very tropical with its white beaches and coconut trees. The islands are right on the equator and couldn’t be more tropical, but there are few palm trees. The water is cold and the wildlife would be more likely to be found near Antarctica than in the tropics. Sea lions and penguins belong in cold water and that’s at the poles. One thinks.

With a group I drive out to the other end of the island to the lava tunnels. Volcanic eruptions are recent and rivers of lava have created abstract forms unworn by wind and water. It’s Christmas and I can’t help but celebrate this holiday and the epitome of snow, cinnamon and baked apples with a red pointed hat.

The boat departs from the Port of Puerto Villamil to cruise the island away from the high surf. It’s quite stormy today and the waves are not to be despised. Before we approach the land again we circle a rock in front of the coast. Pelicans, fur seals and sea lions lounge around here.

With the boat, which is much too small, it goes over huge waves to the coast. Along the way we see the silhouettes of giant manta rays swimming near the surface.

The captain does his best to get the nutshell over the surf to the calm bay.

There is a crazy system of lava rock bridges with cacti growing on them. The water is crystal clear and a haven for sea lions, sea turtles and penguins.

In the turquoise water you can watch the animals like in an aquarium – only that this is the real nature.

After a shore leave, you go into the water to see the animals up close. Here you will also find some sharks, which come to the sheltering bay of the rocks to take a breather. Huge turtles feed on the plants in the shallow waters of the island’s reef. The weather is very stormy today.

The high waves, over which we had to surf to the islands, make the water very cloudy. As a result, visibility outside of the tunnel systems is not very good today.

With the Santa hat on your head, you head back to Puerto Villamil. It’s enough with tours, because most of it can be explored on your own. Besides coconuts and penguins, tunnels and black deserts, Isabela also offers beautiful black and white beaches that we visit regularly.



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