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Currency: Euro
Capital: Lissabon

Drink like a local: Portwein

Special facts:

  • Countless Brazilians live in Portugal and take underpaid work there
  • The biggest waves in the world can be found in Nazaré
  • Portugal’s Atlantic coast is beautiful, but hardly suitable for swimming. But it is a paradise for surfers.
  • The Portuguese are crazy about cod, which they use in their national dish, bacalhau, among other things. The only stupid thing is that this fish doesn’t exist around Portugal, even though the entire Atlantic stretches in front of the country. Nevertheless, the Portuguese have to import the cod from Norway. Since centuries.
  • “Portugal” – “Port wine” – “Porto”. The names are similar not by chance. Porto was probably one of the first ports at this end of Europe and the land and wine were derived from the city’s name.
  • The Algarve, Lisbon and Porto are extremely touristy and expensive. But as soon as you go inland and into the villages in the mountains away from coach parking lots, the country suddenly becomes incredibly cheap. Then you can also find breakfast for two people for just 5 euros (as of 2019).
  • Be careful when you need to refuel. Gasolino (petrol) and Gasoleo (diesel) sound very similar and can quickly lead to unpleasant confusion.
  • In 1755, Lisbon was destroyed by an earthquake, a subsequent tsunami and subsequent fires. For the first time, other European countries donated to a country that was unprecedentedly devastated by natural forces.


If you think that you understand Portuguese because you speak Spanish, you are wrong. Even though the languages are very closely related, the words and pronunciation are fundamentally different. The Portuguese speak surprisingly good English and some also speak Spanish, so communication is easier than in Spain or France, for example.

  • Good day – Bom dia
  • Hello – Ola
  • Do you have cod? – Você tem bacalhau?
  • I think you’re beautiful – Eu acho você bonita
  • Do you fill up with petrol or diesel? – Você abastece com gasolina ou gasoleo?


Portugal is part of the European Monetary Union and uses the euro. The country is actually very cheap as long as you stay away from the tourist crowds. However, it also becomes difficult with credit cards. It’s best to have enough cash with you.

My LEsson:

Portugal exudes sun and melancholy

Travel Diaries

Portugal’s history is very eventful. On the one hand, the country defended itself against the Spanish and the Moors and became a world power. On the other hand, the country suffered from natural disasters. The Portuguese are calm and relaxed.

During my visits to Portugal, it seems to me as if the people and the culture are gripped by a deep melancholy. A harmony of beauty and sadness. I really like the country and its people and look forward to every opportunity to come to Portugal.



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