Diary Entry

Overlooking the Tatacoa Desert as the sun rises, we enjoy freshly brewed espresso and boiled eggs. It’s time to head out and a shower would be a good idea too. But then an opportunity presents itself… What could be better in the morning than a proper mud bath?

North of Villavieja, a resourceful farmer offers a few special paddling pools. While Sara turns away in disgust, Uwe and I let our inner piglets run wild and throw ourselves into the mud, one with nature.

A clean shower later we are already back on the slopes and slowly rumble through the Valle de las Constelaciones. When I first thought of the name, I thought of stars, but then we see thousands of stacked rock formations that apparently gave the valley its name. When I look up where the name comes from, it becomes clear that I wasn’t wrong after all.

Because the Valle de las Constelaciones is also known as the Valley of the Stars. The valley is famous for its unique landscape, which consists of bizarre rock formations and columns reminiscent of a constellation of stars. We walk along the hiking trails and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

The valley is also an important archaeological site as there are many pre-Columbian artefacts made by the indigenous people of the region. Another highlight of the valley is the opportunity to relax in the surrounding thermal springs and take in the natural beauty of the area.

Driving through this northern part of the Tatacoa Desert is also very beautiful, although not as spectacular as the Red Valley. These badlands give way to more vegetation and we get to know the Colombian farmland. We head towards one of these farms to find a place to stay for the night.

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