Diary Entry

After our stay with the impressive view of the rock of Peñol, we go to Guatapé. Guatapé is a small, picturesque village in the Departemento de Antioquia in Colombia. Known for its brightly colored houses and the stunning scenery that surrounds it, Guatapé attracts thousands of tourists every year. The town is located on the shore of Lake Guatapé, one of the largest reservoirs in Colombia, also called “El Peñol” by the locals.

Guatapé is a popular destination for day trips, but also for longer stays to explore the many sights, such as the Peñon de Guatapé, the Church of Saint Anthony of Padua and the beautiful, colorful streets.

This is how I know Colombia from the travel guides

With its friendly locals, laid-back vibe and scenic setting, Guatapé is a must-visit place and is the carved postcard of Colombia.

Squeaky colored houses, a small church and lots of souvenir shops make every tourist’s heart beat faster. It really isn’t ugly. If there were still roller coasters, it would definitely be an amusement park.

Finally, there is a relaxing boat trip across the lake. We only have to do without coffee and cake. Instead, we admire the villas of the rich and beautiful in Colombia on the shore. And some ruins of such mansions. We learn little about the history of the decay. Could someone possibly go to jail because their dealings were not 100% compliant with taxes or the law? Who knows.

Leon is doing well in his life jacket. The journey takes half an hour, then it’s back to the air-conditioned bus and to Medellín, where we slowly have to pack our things for the journey back to Europe.


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