Diary Entry

We live in the beautiful hostel Utria on El Almejal beach. From there it is about a half hour walk to the village. Every now and then we come here to buy something because there are a few vendors here. There is no trace of a real supermarket.

El Valle is a small town in the Department of Chocó surrounded by dense tropical vegetation.

Nothing around here!! Only jungle!

It is a quiet and picturesque place, located in a mountainous region and crossed by numerous rivers and waterfalls.

El Valle is known for its unique culture and traditions shaped by the Afro-Colombian communities that live in the area.

Here in the region of Bahia Solano and Chocó there is only wilderness. If you look at what you can find here on the map, you only see green. Only Mutis and El Valle are something like small towns. Even if there is nothing here. Vultures gather on El Valle beach to look for something to eat that the sea has washed up on.

If you look at what you can find here on the map, you only see green.

Fishermen go out in their small boats to catch their catch and the only road out of El Valle leads to Mutis. Only via the rivers do people reach small settlements and villages deep inland where the Embara live.

A few small paths to farms branch off there. You can hardly find more remote places.

Nobody comes here without a plane or a boat.

Nobody gets out of here without a plane or a boat. The flight connection from Mutis and the mail boat that comes once a week keep the area alive. It’s a nice place and away from any hustle and bustle. But for us it is also time to say goodbye to the idyll and return to Medellín.

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