Diary Entry

We like Ecuador more and more. drive back the route and get goat’s milk for Leon along the way. The road offers incredible views on all sides, both of deep valleys and of gigantic mountains in the distance.

The landscape has become very green. Grass grows near the road, sheep and black-and-white cows graze on pastures, and magnificent pine forests thrive in between.

Yesterday we were still in the dry forest and last week we were still in the Pacific desert; now we have the impression to be back in Europe. Just before we feel at home in the Black Forest we see palm trees and paddy fields in the valleys and street vendors offer chilled fresh coconut or pressed sugar cane juice to drink. We’re back to reality and South America!

Day 2 without a Breakdown

The clouds are getting lower and lower and it starts to rain lightly. We pass through the cities of Catamayo and Loja. The mountains are lush green and the cities are not ugly, although they are very remote. Plants to decorate the city are cultivated and many houses are beautifully built. And people drive peacefully. Nobody honks their horns or tries to kill themselves or everyone else on the street.

Roundabouts work, cars give way, obey the traffic rules and dutifully stop at red lights. Also, there aren’t those annoying bumps like in all the other countries we’ve visited so far.

In Loja we have a late lunch in an excellent restaurant. We buy fruit and drive a short distance up the mountain to spend the night in a wet cow pasture. We have a nice view again, but because of the late time it gets dark quickly.

We’re staying here for a few days so Sara can recover from an infection. We use the time to take a closer look at the city of Loja.

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