Diary Entry

After the turtles, we head to the last destination of the expedition for today, Playa Chino. It’s not clear what’s Chinese on the beach, but we’re the only people there. Sea lions lie scattered on the beach, lounging.

I find nesting blue-footed boobies for photo models and swim a few laps with the sea lions. Leon finds a hermit crab boldly crawling along our camp, unaware of the risk of being used as a child’s toy.

Tips and costs for the Galapagos Islands can be found on this page.

Most sea lions ignore us, but a large specimen blocks our way as we want to leave the beach.

We have to trudge through the undergrowth to avoid the belligerent bull

It’s already dark when we get back to our accommodation in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. After spending the day on land it’s time for the water.

We’ll grab a boat and take a trip around the island.

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