Diary Entry

As we walk in the pastures of the cows grazing between agaves, I see that there are supposed to be BaΓ±os de los Incas here. That sounds exciting. It’s not that far to walk, but there is a steep climb up a slope. I grab the camera over one shoulder, Leon over the other and off we go.

Leon is very happy about the change and squeaks happily as it goes over hill and dale. Maybe remembers the time with dad and the regular hikes in the Black Forest.

Day 6 Without a Breakdown

Panting we reach a high, but not very wide, waterfall. There is actually a pool in which you can certainly splash around. Maybe the really Incas or other natives used it. The current residents seem to want to have built a bridge there very half-heartedly.

But after the pillars, the construction was broken off again and the pillars with rusty steel rods are slowly falling apart again.

I leave Sara and Leon behind for the moment and climb a little higher. There is an indentation in the rock face that has been optimistically named Cuevas de las Incas. It’s not a real cave. But there are a few highly motivated Ecuadorians with three dogs who ask me to take photos of them. Yes gladly!

The climb is back down the mountain and Leon is still squeaky happy.

We continue our search for a place to stay for the night. I’ve got a nice place by a river in my mind.



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